Sunday, February 5, 2012

Odd Notions

Day 5 in A Month of Craft Photos by Untangling Knots is Notions.

Odd Notions

I haven't gotten confused with what the theme is for today. I'm still technically doing craft related photos, it just happens that I'm still mostly in Gaming Con mindset. When I have a pattern that calls for me to do a multiple repeat across the row I'm on I tend to grab the dice box and use something from there. I turn the dice as I go so that the number facing up is how many repeats I've done. This is particularly helpful when I've been doing lace and the pattern has changed so that I'm no longer sure how it lines up with what has come in previous rows. I have used stitch markers for such things before but sometimes they're more in the way than they're really helping. 

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