Friday, October 19, 2012

Spring Socks

I've been working a lot lately on projects for me ... in colors I wouldn't normally wear. It's been interesting.

I've always gravitated more toward dark colors, black, dark purple (purple being my favorite color), dark blue. There's a reason my Nanny used to say I looked like a walking bruise. She on the other hand looked stunning in pastels.

I remember getting dressed for Kindergarten one morning and she pulled out a pair of yellow pants. (It was the 80's, they were actually in style.) "I don't want to wear yellow." Nanny looked at me for a moment, shrugged, and told me to pick my own clothes from then on.

I think in a way these socks remind me of her, the cotton up to a bit harder treatment than a lot of wool paired with the delicate lace  and all in her beloved pastels.

I'm really glad this yarn fell into my basket and Lynn picked it out for my next project.

Pattern: Curvy Lace Socks by Kathy Wesley
Yarn: Patons Grace in Lavender
Project Page: Springy Lace Socks
Modifications: None intended


  1. Very pretty, it looks like a nice pattern too!

  2. Beautiful socks. I know what you mean about picking colors not in your norm. I've been thinking about it too.

    1. Thank you! It's good to step out of your comfort zone now and again. :)

  3. Cute socks with a bit of shine. Nice job!

  4. love it! I am so happy to hear you have some personal support. So happy.