Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Chinook Shawl 2 and Finding Magic Round 2

Magic Balance (Working Title) - Rewrites
Previous Word Count: 6,261
Current Word Count: 7,141 (Up 880)

That's up more words than last week! Win! The house was empty for a large chunk of morning the other day and I got a good bit cleaned up. The main group is about to finally find the people they've been looking for. I can't wait! Of course that's just because I know what else happens.


Deceive Not My Heart by Shirlee Busbee Yes, yes, I know, trashy romance. Trust me, my brain requires it now and again, especially when I feel really busy. It's a nice little break for a bit while I deal with a lot of other stuff going on. Plus, this one actually has a fairly decent plot and a nice strong female lead.

I haven't gotten quite as far on this shawl as I'd originally hoped. Part of that is the whole I leave in 2 days and I completely forgot how the days of the week work apparently. I have a secret project that I need to also get done, blocked, and photographed before I leave. I believe I can but it takes a bit of rearranging. Anyhow, here's current progress on the shawl, look for the secret project in a couple weeks when I can share it.


  1. I like that pattern - it looks like waves in one of those old Japanese paintings.

    1. I'd never considered that but you're right. Now I want to do a version in blues. :D