Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Diagonal Lace Socks & Fey Led Yet Again

Fey Led (Working Title) - Rewrites
Previous Word Count: 16,662
Current Word Count: 18,386 (Up 1,659)

That's just today! Whoo! Now that the sinus issue and clouded thinking is fixed (crosses fingers) I can get work done. 

There are moments that I love these socks, such as every time I look at them and see the pretty colors and the way the strips work with the diagonal lace. There are moments I hate them, like when I was turning the heels. It was, I suspect, unnecessarily complicated and fussy. Also? Purling in the round? Still sucks. I finally took the socks off the circular needles and pulled out my DPN's just to do the heels. I finished up the second heel last night at gaming since was stuck with no other distractions for my hands for a couple hours. Now they're back on their circular needles, both heels turned and I'm ready to whip through the leg.

Also? Something I love about toe up socks? Once the sock is big enough and the yarn ball is small enough I can tuck the ball into the sock. No more wandering balls of yarn, no more tangled yarn when I'm switching between socks, and so much more portable! Complete win!

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